So New Year is coming up

Not that this has been the best of years in memory.
Let’s hold the detail and just acknowledge that the economies crashed, Saab went into a Coma and I have spent most of the year fighting for survival of my own workplace and fighting an entire muncipality getting them to acknowledge that my daughter is a Gifted child, not a social misfit to be kicked out of school.

Never ever make any New Years Resolutions. Period.
Life is what it is, live it.

The time now is that little period of breathing in between Christmas and New Year. Time for Rest, Recreation and Reflection

Jason Becker sets the tone:

Ever thought of what really, really matters?

Was it the fighting, losing or winning?
Or did you trancend yourself by once again expanding you vision and attitude whilst fighting the good fight?
Did you move your mind? (Saab marketing stuff, but nice expression anyway) If you did then you have acted out what can’t be done by New Years resolutions.
Changed in mind, matter and soul by acting.

Over to Steve Vai:

You may notice that my choice of music is music only. That leaves the interpretations open for all.
Which is exactly the point. Reflection is internal, basis of the acts that follow. Noone has the complete answers.
Those forces opposing you have their own answers and solutions, and they will follow those. This is the natural state of things. Being right holds no validity without meeting and understanding your opponent and their basis and letting changes involve yourself.

Resolutions changes nothing. They are an expression of your own singlemindedness.

Trancend, Expand, seek knowledge and act in accordance with that.

So we and up at the Black Sabbath:

Happy 2012..Move it


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