Things that still matters

So…Another New Year has arrived.
As usual this is that little time of reflection of the year. This time though, it’s time to look at the music,
Those thing that still matters. Songs that have followed me through the years. And for good measure, this time it’s the Ballads.
Here we go, ghosts of future passed:

I never liked Scorpions without Uli Jon Roth that much, and I really never, ever liked their ballads after he left, but this one is the excption:

And then we have the songs of Deep Purple:

What came with the Stormbringer:

Which inevitably leads us to Whitesnake:

Or the origianal version with Moody and Marsden:

And since a lot of people thinks that Whitesnake is a Poor Mans Led Zeppelin, let’s slide gently into that:

But we can notleave David Coverdale unchallenged. The song that eveybody in the Clan of Purple did:

And turning over to Dio we catch this:

And from there to a couple of covers, Dio and Malmsteen covers Aerosmith:

A now being in Sweden, let Blackmore’s Night cover Rednex:

And then some of what was the gamechanger in music style for me.
Mighty Motörhead, the guys that made Bomber, which marked the split off to another musical style for me:

And Black Sabbath backed that up:

Time for at little break with the odd ones out, the bands I never really liked, but who made great stuff:

And now over to something completely different:

Never times:

Somehow I sort of drifted into the more grandiose 🙂

But that’s another story..Probably to come..

In the meantime, another of the greatest


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